• garrangoiz

    Jim Sandoval's presentation was clear and concise; his responses were prompt and he answered all of our questions. His staff was equally knowledgeable and responsive. Our experience throughout the whole process was very good.
  • anna mardayan

    Don’t look any further! Jim Sandoval and his team have been incredible! We could tell how professional and organized Jim was from the minute we met him. Our house sold in a very short period of time and his team helped us to find our next home at the same time! The entire team was very efficient, knowledgeable, and extremely pleasant to work with. We couldn’t have selected a better agent to represent us! Fantastic job! Next time we are in the market, we know who to call. Jim and team – THANK YOU!!!
    anna mardayan
  • user13313882

    Jim and his Group were helpful every step of the selling process. I had 3 offers from the open house and one afterwards. The completion of the sale was from one of this offers. Sale was over the asking price.
  • donsaito

    Excellent service provided for the sell and purchase of a home. He was helpful every step of the way, with his excellent marketing of the home to the selling and purchasing process. His team of staff were bar-none. Kay, Nancy, Adriana were absolutely amazing. We took Jim's advice for all the home repairs and in doing so the home sold quickly and above asking. The trust we felt in his expertise made selling our home easy and pleasant. Adriana our buying agent was on the ball and we obtained a home beyond what we thought we could get, she always was easy to reach and never missed a beat. We would highly recommend Jim and his team in all real estate matters.
  • aida maeruth

    Our house went live on MLS July 27th and was ready for closing by the end of August, except by our own choice we deferred until September 7th. And now it's here!! What's even more incredible is we will be closing on another property we bought a week from now!! We sold and bought another property all in seven weeks!! How amazing is that??!! Let me not forget mentioning we sold thousands over our asking price!! Thank you so much, Jim, from me and my family, not only for the exceptional service you and your staff provide, but most of all for being warm and down to earth. Thank you for the notepads and the ice cream :) You are one tireless, hardworking, innovative (talk free ice cream in the neighborhood), smart, highly capable, overall wonderful guy!! You might say "it's not luck, it's what you do that brings results," but I believe it's luck that sent you our way. Well, maybe it's more like fate, and I am thankful to the Guy up there. It's been understandably crazy for us with the preparation for selling and then moving, but the marketing process in itself has been really quick, smooth, and quite efficient, thanks to Jim and his great team, or as Kay puts it, Santa and his elves :) Thank you so much, Kay and Nancy, for always being on top of your game and for the A+++ 'tude. And Paul, what can I say?? The apple does not fall far from Jim's tree :) As my husband would say, "thank you so much, man," I say thank you so much, Paul, from the bottom of my heart. I hope I didn't drive you to near lunacy with my fickle nature, gushing over one property, saying "this is it!!" until 10 or more houses after and 2 offers made and withdrawn, and you enduring one pretty disappointed agent's expletives, we're all back to square one. But hey, we finally did it, and all in good time!! Again, thank you, Jim/Jim Sandoval Group. Kudos for a job well done!! God bless you and your families.
    aida maeruth
  • gabycalifornia

    Talk about speedy and five star services! Jimmy and your team I cannot thank you enough for all your help. You offered me nothing but fantastic service. You assisted me when I needed a quick sale turn around and you accomplished that plus getting me more than I imagined in return. I was in tears when the news came to me that my property sold in less than 2 months. You completely rock! I am recommending you to all my family and friends. God bless and I wish you nothing but more success in your profession, you are great at it because you love it and it surely shows.
  • armenak0

    Jim Sandoval is a pro. We engaged him to be the listing broker on a house we were selling. We selected Jim because, in addition to his extensive knowledge of the specific area, he had a well-conceived plan that was specific to the property. He executed on his plan. He gave good advice, and we followed it. He was very attentive to detail. His staff was knowledgeable, responsive, efficient, and pleasant, but Jim remained personally involved at every step.
  • aren64

    We hired Jim to sell our family home, and he impressed. He's a go-getter; and he did everything he promised. He worked tirelessly and swiftly at all stages of the transaction, from helping prepare the house for listing, taking beautiful and pristine photographs of the home, and soliciting a very high volume of potential buyers to view the property online and in person. Through his efforts, within days of listing, we received more than 10 legitimate offers, several for prices that well exceeded our expectations. He also did a fantastic job of managing the process of selecting a buyer. He reviewed the details of each offer, provided cogent, and very helpful, summaries of the pertinent aspects of each offer, and advised on how to respond. Jim made the process of selling the home as smooth and possible, and in the end, achieved a great result. If you want to sell your home, trust in Jim.
  • RSilliman9

    Jim Sandoval sold our house in West Hills. He and his team were expert in every way and extremely efficient! The house sold quickly and for the listing price. We were very impressed with the whole team and recommend Jim and his team to others.
  • michellempsalinas

    I highly recommend Jim Sandoval as your realtor! Jim and his team did an amazing job selling our house. Thank you Jim for all your hard work and best of luck in your business. You're doing a great job! We love seeing your signs all over the Valley.
  • Jiajia Zhang

    Jim Sandoval is a fantastic real estate agent, a great sales person, and I would recommend him to everyone! I interviewed several agents before selecting Jim to be my listing agent. He impressed me with his market research ahead of time, preparation for our first meeting, presentation of his services, and next steps. He was very organized and a seasoned veteran. I put my home on the market end of July going into the low season and wanted to sell the home quickly. Jim's team was very professional from start to finish and entered escrow within 30 days. Jim has great knowledge of the local market, trends, and pricing. If you are looking for the best agent in SFV, Jim Sandoval is it!!
    Jiajia Zhang
  • luis villasenor

    My home selling experience with Jim Sandoval was one of the worst and stressful experiences in my entire life. I believe it’s a good idea to give yourself a few months before writing a review if you feel it’s going to be negative to not let it be emotionally charged but the whole experience has still been in the back of my mind even months later and I felt it was my duty to let people know about my experience. The first incident happened when I changed my mind about selling my house and was thinking about renting instead. He wanted me to sign a 5 year cancellation contract. I need to repeat this, 5 years!! In asking other real estate agents about the terms, none of them have ever heard of such an extreme length of time. Following that, I decided to sell after all only to have the potential buyers constantly contact me because they were unable to contact my agent. I had to pay for inspection repairs even though Jaime said the way he wrote up the contract, I wouldn’t have to pay for them. I was contacted by the escrow company asking why paperwork wasn't signed when I was supposed to be closing in 4 days even though I was never told about them but the best one was when I went to the escrow company to sign the paperwork that I was supposed to sign along with the final paperwork with all the fees. All the information was correct in there except for the commission. My gut instinct served me well that time as I was looking out for anything that might try to get thrown past me but there it was. Due to circumstances, I had renegotiated the commission from 6% to 5% but in the escrow paperwork even though all the other information was correct, there was that original 6%. To me, that solidified the type of real estate agent that Jaime Sandoval really is. I take full responsibility for the way everything went down during this whole process. I’ve taken this whole experience as an expensive lesson learned which I was just going to live with when I thought of my own mother going through a situation like this, trying to make her sign a 5 year contract because she doesn’t know any better so I felt that I had to at least write about my experience. I’m asking anyone reading this review not to take my word for it, give Jaime a fair shot but if you get that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach that something isn’t right like I did, listen to it.
    luis villasenor
  • letysilva14

    Jim is very knowledgeable of the area where we sold our home. He worked hard to get us our asking price. It also helps that he is bi-lingual, he was able to communicate with the whole family.
  • littlecharlie007

    Jim Sandoval and his team is extremely professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of selling a home. Jim is dedicated to taking care of us during the complete process. We found him to be caring and it was obvious to us that he loves what he does, it isn't just a job to do. He and his team are attentive to detail and again the knowledge came through to answer questions that arose during the process of having a successful sale.
  • tjlocke1967

    Jim Sandoval and the Sandoval Group were an outstanding team to work with! My wife and I were very impressed and happy with both their knowledge and flexibility. We enjoyed working the Adriana very much and she was always available to answer our questions, even late at night through texting and phone calls after work hours! This took allot of stress out of buying a home and we were always kept in the communication loop and knew where we were at throughout the escrow process. I would (and WILL) highly recommend Jim and his team to anyone wanting to buy a home!